Should You Bring Your Furry Friend to Your Engagement Shoot…Why Not!

If you’re engaged, you might be wondering whether not you should bring your furry friend to your engagement shoot…why not! It can be a wonderful opportunity to have professional photos taken of you with your pet.

Here are some things I suggest you do if you would like to include your dog in your engagement photos:

-Discuss including your pet with your photographer
While we are good with including pets, your photographer might have reservations or allergies.

– Bring along someone to watch your pet for your part of the photos
Ask a friend or family member to come along and take care of your pet6 during your portions of the shoot.

-Pack for your pet’s needs
This sounds like common sense, but when your mind is all about whether your outfit goes with the one your fiancé is wearing , it can easily slip your mind

-Make sure the location is pet-friendly
Just because a location is outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dog friendly and a good fit for your pooch!

-Have some laughs ans fun!
One of the reasons your want your dog to be part of your engagement photos is because they’re already a part of your family. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your fiancé and your pet

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